My name is Bimini.

I'm a Festival of
Animated films.



About festival

BIMINI festival took place each year from 2003 till 2007 in Latvia, but in 2008 the festival took place in Georgia.

BIMINI was unique festival of animated films in Latvia and the biggest festival of this genre in the Baltic States.

The programs of BIMINI included the world’s best animated shorts. Many of these shorts are prize winners of the various film festivals.

The members of jury and visitors were such known people as: the guru of the American independent animation Bill Plimpton (USA), director and art director of Russian animation studio «Pilot» — Alexander Tatarsky (Russia), father of the Estonian animation Rein Raamat, famous master of sand animations Ferenc Cako (Hungary), producer Eberhard Junkersdorf (Germany), whose feature film «Tin drum» has won «Oscar» as the best foreign film of 1979, famous director of animation studio Dauka – Roze Stiebra (Latvia), journalist and author of documentary films about history of animation Natalia Lukinykh (Russia) and others members of jury, organizers of festivals, directors, producers and animators from the United States, UK, Germany , the Netherlands, Japan, Singapore, Norway, Denmark, Finland, South Africa, Hungary, Poland, Estonia, Russia, Ukraine and other countries of the world.

The place and conditions of the next festival will be announced later. 

See you soon!

Sincerely yours,
a founder and owner,
producer and organizer
of the festival BIMINI,
Marat Barskis


Marat Barskis

Founder and Owner of BIMINI

Producer and Organizer


Zane Dzene

Public Relations

Executive Director and Coordinator


We express our gratitude to all those who supported the festival for many years.

Thank you!