On the 22nd march 2007 in the cinema ForumCinema COCA-COLA Plaza has finished the 5th international festival of animated films BIMINI 2007, there were presented 197 films from 35 countries.

The competition programme of the Festival contained 126 films – from which 27 were short films for adults, 18 short films for children, 1 full-length film for children, 32 films where included in debut film programme of the festival, 25 productions where included in experimental film programme, and 12 music and 11 commercial videos where included in applied animation. Many of the presented films were granted prizes on different cinematography festivals.

Non-competition programme included 71 films, from which were formed:

Programme 1 – Student’s films for adults – ENSAD (France);
Programme 2 – Iranian films for adults;
Programme 3 — Student’s films for adults – Premium Films (France);
Programme 4 — Student’s films for adults – From France, Canada and Great Britain
Programme 5 – Full-length film for children – The “Dauka” studio Latvia
Programme 6 – The Film for adults – Rija Films (Latvia);

Two juries – Children jury and professional jury, who were responsible for nomination of the best films and special diploma granting judged BIMINI, animated films.
Children Jury consisted of 4 students from KEVKAS secondary school, aging from 7 to 10 years, they were: Chaks Levits, Matis Vaihvars, Regnars Gudlevskis.

Children jury has granted 3 diplomas and nominated the winner in one nomination.

The best film for children – “Mug Travel”, director Aaron Lim (South Korea);

Diploma for careful keeping of traditions – “The Hunting”, director Jianis Tsimermanis (Latvia);
The diploma for insane madness: “Bezees”, director Greta Mastnak (Slovenia);
Diploma for the healthy humour in the old tale in a new way – Tom Thumb, director Mikhail Aldashin (Russia).

Professional jury consisted from 4 representatives from Latvia: Roze Stiebra — well known animator and producer; Vladimir Leshov —  animator and producer; Alex Vetrov – animator, producer and radio presenter; Nils Skapans — animator and producer.

Jury granted 5 prizes and 8 diplomas:

Grand-prix of the Festival – “Institute of Dream”, director Mati Kut (Estonia);

The Best Film for adults – “Apple pie”, director Izabel Favez (Switzerland);

The Best Abstract experimental Film – “Adjustment”, director Ian Makinnon (Great Britain);

The Best applied animation – Advertising “animal Planet”, director Carolina Melice (Great Britain);

Diploma for the beautiful animation art – “Mother and Music”, director Iulia Aronova (Russia);
Diploma for tunnelling in animation – “Tunnelling”, directorIvan Maksimov (Russia);
Diploma for Cheerfulness – “Transition”, director John Dilvort (USA);
Diploma for elegance working with rough forms – “Robotant”, director Nikkei Schuster (Germany);
Diploma for wit and light perception – “The Line magic by red and blue”, director Dino Satto (Japan);
Diploma for best music video – “Jukebox”, director Alex Budovski (USA);
Diploma for the original vision of the old theme – “Ballade of Mary Slade”, director Robin Fuller (Great Britain);
Diploma for artistry and good director work – “Caracas”, director Anna Blazchik (Poland);

In addition, in each major nomination where settled special prizes from one of the leading companies in the world, producing software for animation studios, the “ToonBoom Animation”.