The First International Festival of Animated Films BIMINI has taken place from 26th till 28th of March, 2003 in Large Hall in Riga Congress Centre.


Honorary President of the Festival: Arnold Burov (The director of puppet animated films, the founder of Latvian animation, man of art rich of merits, Cavalier of the Order of the Three Stars, the member of the Community of Latvian Cinematography, the member of the Association of Latvian Artists, the member of the Latvian Theater Union.

Chairman of the international jury: Aleksander Tatarsky (Animator, producer. Russian Federation artist rich of merits, the laureate of the Russian Government premium, The member of the Cinematography Union, The Secretary of the Board in the Russian Cinematography Union).

The jury members: Rein Raamat (Master of Estonian animation), Valentas Askinis (Lithuanian animator), Dita Rietuma (Latvian film reviewer, newspaper “Diena”), Rasa Strautmane (the author of many films in film studio “Sojuzmultfilm”).

Children jury: Riga Art School, studio “2 Annas”.

Retrospective: the review of films by Arnold Burov.

Informative review: The review of Signe Baumane films (Latvia-USA), the review of Aleksander Tatarsky and “Pilot” studio films (Russia), and also documentary about the famous director F. Hitruk life “Spirit of the Genius” of (director Otto Alder, Germany).

Out of competition films: “The Peasants of Kauguri” (Latvia), “The Princess Who Would Not Smile” (Estonia), “Puss In The Boots” (Estonia), “Sandbox” (Latvia), “Kalado” (Latvia), “Looking For The Lost Child” (Latvia), “Kirikou and the Witch” (Luxembourg, France, Belgium), “Prop & Berta” (Latvia, Denmark), and also film selection “2 Annas”.

In the competition program of the Festival were included 28 films: “We were almost late” (Latvia), “Penguine to the zoo” (India), «The flame who loved to dance» (India), “Cute Bunny” (India), “How it all began” (Ireland), “The love nest” (UK), “Concert for the carrot pie” (Estonia), “Ivor the Invisible” (UK), “Rockin’n’Rollin” (UK), “Barcode” (the Netherlands), “Shredder” (the Netherlands), “How to cope with death” (UK), “Parking” (USA), “Geranium Peace” (Switzerland), “Around the Ring” (Belgium), “Northeast” (Switzerland), “Weitzenberg Street” (Estonia), “Blue eyed moon” (Bulgaria), “Magician” (Latvia), “Cats” (Latvia), “Firefly” (Latvia), “Tale of the palace” (Latvia), “The Unusual Rigans” (Latvia), “Ragainitis, Musiks and Bubesite” (Latvia), “The Spring” (Latvia), “Provocation” (Latvia), “The White” (Latvia), “Woman” (Latvia).

Festival Grand-prix
The Best animated film
The Best animated film for children
The Best Latvian animated film
The Best debut

Awards were presented to:

Festival Grand-prix
“How to cope with death” (UK, director Ignacio Ferreras, 2002),

The Best animated film
“Concert for the carrot pie” (Estonia, director Heiki Ernits, Janno Poldma, 2002),

The Best Latvian animated film
“Unusual Rigans” (Latvia, “Dauka’”, director Roze Stiebra, 2001),

The Best animated film for children
“Cute Bunny” (India, director Manasa Rao, 2001),

The Best debut
“The Love Nest” (UK, director Shelly Wain, 2002).

Special diplomas were presented to:

Arnold Burov – for outstanding contribution to the development of Latvian animation,

«Magic artist» – (Latvia, AB, director Maris Brinkmanis, 2001) – for accurate attitude to children animation,

“Rockin’n’Rollin”- (UK, director Richard Jack, Daniel Greaves, 2001) – for expressive and original animation,

“Geranium peace” – (Switzerland, director Hobbi Marcel, 2001) – for black humor,

“Blue Eyed Moon” – (Bulgaria, director Pencho Kunchev, 2001) – for the most poetical erotics,

«Tale about the castle»)– (Latvia, “Rija”, director Inga Praulina) – for film design.

Support of the Festival: State Cultural Capital Foundation, Latvian National Cinematography Centre, Department of Culture of the Riga City Council Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Latvia and Ministry of Foreign Affair of the Republic of Latvia.

Informative support of the Festival: television companies „LNT” and „TV5”, radio „SWH” un „SWH+”, newspapers “Diena”, “Subbota”, “Chas”, “EN”.

Festival transportation support: Transportation Company “Bona Taxi”

Festival guest accomodation: Hotel “Riga”

Festival material sending: Express mail delivery – UPS