The 3rd International Festival of Animated Films BIMINI 2005 has finished on the 3rd of April 2005. 


During the 4 days in the «K.Suns» cinema there was an opportunity to watch more than 150 animated films from 32 different countries of the world. Two juries – children jury and professional jury, who were responsible for nomination of best films and special diploma granting, judged BIMINI animated films.


Children jury included learners of animator Ilze Ruska, they were Katrina Kostikova, Anita Putnina, Pçteris Culitis, Haralds Ceka and Gustavs Pauluks. The children jury as the best full-length film has nominated the film from Luxembourg «Globi and the stolen Shadow» (director Robi Engler). Children jury has also nominated two diplomas. First one is the full-length film «Kate – the Taming of the Shrew» from Italy (director Roberto Lione), which is the modern screening of William Shakespeare play, where special notice was «for difficult, professional and very interesting technical work». Second Diploma «for an interesting screen adaptation and modern interpretation of Latvian fairy-tale» was awarded to the 3D film «The Prickly» which was produced by home-made studio Rija and directed by Aija Bley.

The professional jury included 5 person: film reviewer and expert of animation Natalija Lukinykh from Russia, animator and animation lecturer Mait Laas from Estonia, the Director of the Fredrikstadt Animation Festival Anne Lise Andreasen from Norway, British director Lizzie Oxby — the author of the best debut film on the BIMINI 2004 Festival and also the expert of the Latvian National Cinematography Centre and the author of the book about a puppet theatre – Aldis Line.

The jury has nominated 6 awards, no one has received any awards in the category «The best film from10 to 30 minutes», and thus two films from the category «The best film from 5 to 10 minutes» have been awarded. In addition, the jury has awarded 7 diplomas.

The decision of the jury:

BIMINI 2005 Grand Prix – film «Dying of Love» (Germany, director – classic of animation — Gil Alkabetz);

The best animated film up to 5 minutes – film «Vent» (the Netherlands, director — Erik Van Shaaik);

The Best animated film from 5 to 10 minutes: 1st film «Insomnia» (Latvia, director – Vladimir Lesciov), 2nd film «Signs of Life» (Co-production of France and Belgium, director — Arnaud Demuynck);

The Best animated film from 10 to 30 minutes – the jury have cancelled this nomination;

The Best debut – film «Karaoke» (Finland, director — Aiju Salminen);

The Best experimental animated film – film «Fall studies 2» (Germany, director Gabriel Pielke).


Diploma «for a sensitive expression in sand and collage animation» – film «Ascio» (France, director – Mathilde Philippon-Aginski);
Diploma «for creating a lyrical choreography in the tradition of classical drawn animation» – film «For a Tango» (UK, director – Gabriele Zucchelli);
Diploma «for expressing surreal world in animation with original humour» – film «Wind along the coast» (Russia, director — Ivan Maximov);
Diploma «for a sensitive and aesthetic artistic design in classical animation» – film «Women below the Ice» (Germany, director – Alla Churikova);
Diploma «for creating a warm and humorous film for a family audience» – film «Journey to Mars» (Argentina, director – Juan Pablo Zaramella);
Diploma «for creating a surprising and rich world in 3-D computer generated animation» – film «Plasticat» (Croatia, director – Simon Bogojevic-Narath);
Diploma «for expressive image of Andalusia created by language of music and animation» – film «Andaluz» (USA, directors — Karen Aqua and Joanna Priestley).

Support of the Festival: State Cultural Capital Foundation, Latvian National Cinematography Centre, Department of Culture of the Riga City Council, Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Latvia and Ministry of Foreign Affair of the Republic of Latvia.

Festival informative support: TV Companies „LNT” and „TV21”, Radio “MixFm 102,7”, Radio „Naba”, „Eiropa+”, newspapers “Diena”, “Subbota”, magazins „Spica”, “Avene”, internet portals “Delfi”, „Apollo”, „”, “”, “Studentnet”, Interneta televizija TV.LV.

Festival transportation support: «Alviksa» Transportation Company.

Festival guest reception: Hotel «Riga».

Festival material sending: Express mail delivery — UPS.

Major Sponsor: SMS Computers