The 4th International Festival of Animated Films BIMINI 2006 has finished on the 9th of April 2006. 


During the 5 days at the cinema «Daile» there was an opportunity to watch more than 229 animated films from 34 different countries of the world.

113 productions have been included for the competition programme from more than 500 applications.

The festival has presented spectators:
— 32 short films for adults,
— 25 short films for children,
— 2 full-length films for children,
— 29 works included in the debut programme,
— 25 — in experimental film, music and commercial video programme.
Two last categories have been presented for the first time to histories of Festival.

Apart from the above mentioned competition program, 116 other productions was presented as well. They was included into special screening sections:

— Programme 1 – “Films for adults” (21 short films);
— Programme 2 – “Experimental films, music and advertising videos” (25 animation works);
— Programme 3 – “Premium Films” (student’s films from France);
— Programme 4 – “The Human Factor” (program depicting themes of war, violence and repression);
— Program 5 – documentary “Magia Russica” (Israel);
— Programme 6 – Series of documentaries about animation (films by Natalia Lukinykh).

Two juries – children jury and professional jury, who were responsible for nomination of best films and special diploma granting, judged BIMINI animated films.

Children jury consists of the five students from Olaine Secondary School Nr.1(grade 1 to 4). The youngest students of Olaine Secondary School Nr.1 have participated with the largest amount of works in the competition “Your commercial 2006” and the authors of the best works have got as a special prize an opportunity to become jury members of BIMINI. This opportunity is provided by SEB Unibanka, the most important partner of Junior Achievement – Latvija and one of the organizers of the competition „Your commercial 2006”.
BIMINI Children jury: Lina Orste, Teiksma Jankava, Niks Andersons, Girts Zabitis, Raitis Ivanovs – and their teacher Aija Jankava.

The professional jury included 6 persons: Rein Raamat (Estonia) – world famous animator, director, producer and documentalist; Gerben Schermer (The Netherlands) — director of the Holland Animation Film Festival; Heikki Jokinen (Finland) — a freelance journalist and art critic; Aiju Salminen (Finland) — director, animator, prize-winner in a nomination “the Best debut BIMINI 2005”; Sabine Ravn (Denmark) – director, animator; Daira Abolina (Latvia) – journalist and film critic. The professional jury has nominated 4 awards: Grand-prix of the Festival; The Best film for Adults; The Best Non-narrative animation; The Best Debut. The Best film for Children was nominated by children’s jury and one special prize has nominated by Major sponsor for the best Latvian film — “SEB Group and spectators choice award”..

The decision of the jury:

BIMINI 2006 Grand Prix – Music video “I Turn My Face to the Forest Floor” (United Kingdom) director Thomas Hicks;

The Best film for Adults – “The Last Knit” (Finland) director Laura Neuvonen;

The Best Non-narrative animation – Advertising film “Motorola Grand Classic” (United Kingdom) directors Smith & Foulkes;

The Best Debut – “Eat Dog Cat Mouse” (United Kingdom) director Kwok Fung Lam;

The Best film for Children – “Keys to a time” (Russia) director — Sergey Seregin;

“SEB Group”and spectators choice award for the best Latvian film — The Witches’ Button (Latvia) director Nils Skapans.

In addition, the professional jury has awarded 3 diplomas and 2 diplomas has awarded by children’s jury.

Films for children:

Diploma for Emotionality – “Emelia” (USA) director Derek Flood;

Diploma for Originality and Comicality – “Ruzz and Ben” (France) director Philippe Jullien;
Films for adults:

Diploma for the visual style of the film is both rough and sensitive – “After the cat” (Switzerland) director Marina Rosset;

Diploma for a hypnotic film – “While Darwin Sleeps” (United Kingdom) director Paul Bush;

Diploma for its sharp observations of life — The Old Crocodile (Japan) director Koji Yamamura.

Festival BIMINI expresses gratitude to:

SEB Unibanka and SEB Life Insurance for the financial support, support of the children jury and for the creation of the special prize “SEB Group and spectators choice award”.

State Culture Capital Foundation for yearly financial support.

Restaurant Charlstons for the organization of the Festival reception and guest catering.

Administration of the night club “Essential” for the provided venue and help in the organization of the Closing ceremony.

Administration of the cinema theatre Forum Cinemas for help in the organization and implementation of the Festival.

Transport company Avois, for yearly cooperation and precise service.

UPS for yearly and quick delivery service.

Ilona Krastiņa and Valdis Melderis, masters of the Opening and Closing ceremonies of the Festival.

Television company LNT, radio MIX FM 102.7, internet portals and

And to all those persons, who were helping during the organization and implementation of the 4th International Festival of Animated Films BIMINI 2006.