Marat Barskis

Marat Barsky

Founder and Owner of BIMINI
Film selection for the festival
Program director of BIMINI
Producer and Organizer


I began organization of events back in 1996. A lot of public and private events were realized during my activity in Latvia from 1996 to 2009. Some of these events were organized both in cooperation with other producers, but some were organized solely by me personally. Some events took place in Latvia for the first time, including the BIMINI festival.

Just below you can see some of the events:

1996, November – My first event and the first time in Latvia a large dancing Techno Party “Stop AIDS” with participation of Top Russian DJ’s (Palace of culture VEF, Riga);

1997, July — First time in Latvia a large dancing Party open-air on a beach with participation of UK DJ’s (beach Dzintari, Jurmala);

2000, July — First time in Latvia Rock and Techno Party open-air, on the big platform in Mezhapark, on two scenes (Wood park, Riga);

2001, May — First time in Latvia and one of the first in the World interactive show E-World, in cooperation with leading Latvian broadcasting company LNT and information portal DELFI largest in Baltic states;

2002, September  Foundation of BIMINI International Animated Films Festival;

2003-2008 — BIMINI International festival of Animated films;

2004-2007 — “World Cyber Games” Computer and Video games Festival in the Baltic countries by Samsung Electronics (Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia);

1996-2009 — At this time, various large-scale public parties and private parties, festivals, concerts and weddings were organized in cooperation with some producer companies, and completely independently.

All massive public events were supported by leading media groups, business and government.